Biogames - Malaria Training Game

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Biogames - Malaria Training Game

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On April 25th, 2014, World Malaria Day, we are releasing our BioGames image library as a training and educational module, where we give each online user ~500 images per game to assess their training on identifying malaria infected cells. At the end of each game, which can be played using the link above, the gamer is given a quantified score that is based on their false positive and false negative rates. Each deck of images per game is created randomly from a sub-set of our malaria image library, characterized through BioGames, where each selected cell image also undergoes random rotations giving the gamers many opportunities to play the training module with a new set of images every time that they start a new game. At the end of each game, not only a BioGames score is assigned to the user, but also training feedback in the form of a list of images is provided, including each one of their false positives and false negatives as well as the “questionable” cells that they miscategorized. Note that some of these questionable cells might contribute a source of images that yield false diagnoses.

We hope that this training module will get widely used and expand its database as the BioGames platform continues to create gold labels for new microscopic images of thin or thick blood smears, which you can share with us. With large databases connected to user-friendly games and web-interfaces, this platform could be used for better training and education of medical personnel toward accurate reading of microscopic slides as well as for training of machine learning algorithms to automate digital diagnosis. This approach can also be scaled to other diseases besides malaria. Considering the relatively poor training of health-care workers in developing countries, this approach could be especially valuable for improving the accuracy of malaria diagnosis and measurement of parasitemia (which is typically much less than 1%) in infected patients that are on treatment.
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