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Backyard Bark Beetles - Universiy Of Florida

Verfasst: 04.06.2015 21:58
von Merowig
Backyard Bark Beetles
The beetles that you'll be catching will be used for important scientific research. The map on the left is part of what we’re doing. This is called distribution mapping and the point is to try to collect as many different beetle species as we can from all over Florida, the United States, and even the world to get a picture of where these beetles are living. This kind of information is important to know, because some of these species can be dangerous to forests and even to agricultural crops like avocados. After you send in your beetles, they will be identified by the experts at the University of Florida and that information will show up on the map to the left.
Das Projekt hat auch eine Facebook Page, wo dann auch Leserbriefe von Schuelern veroeffentlicht wurden, die teilnehmen.

Citizen Science wie es sein sollte :)