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Tomnod - Analyse von Satellitenbilder

Verfasst: 02.05.2015 00:30
von Merowig
Our Mission

Tomnod uses the power of crowdsourcing to identify important objects and interesting places in satellite images. We created this web app with thousands of volunteers (like you!) in mind. Use our satellite images to explore the Earth, solve real-world problems, and view amazing images of our changing planet.

Das Projekt hat mehrere Sub-Projekte:

Grassland Fires in Russia

Explore satellite imagery of Khakassia, Russia and help create a map of fire damage by placing a tag over every burned building you see. The map will be used to help assess the location and magnitude of fire damage. Use pre-fire and post-fire images to help determine whether buildings have sustained damage due to the massive grasslands fire which has so far left 23 people dead and destroyed 1,400 buildings.
Citizen Science: Ground Truth

Explore before and after satellite images of Seattle, WA and help determine whether any changes have occurred in man-made infrastructure. Your contributions will be used to supply high-quality ground truth data in the development of a change detection algorithm!
2015 Earthquake in Nepal

Help disaster response teams by mapping damage from the recent deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit near Kathmandu, Nepal. Start by comparing before and after imagery and placing a tag in the center of every damaged building, damaged road and area of major destruction you find. To compare before and after imagery, press the "Q" and "W" keys on your keyboard or click the "Newest" and "Oldest" buttons in the bottom right corner of the map.
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Re: Tomnod - Analyse von Satellitenbilder

Verfasst: 14.05.2015 18:57
von Merowig
Neues Projekt bei Tomnod:
Missing Helicopter near Charikot, Nepal

On Tuesday, an American military helicopter went missing while delivering aid near Charikot, Nepal, which was one of the areas hit hardest by the most recent earthquake. Search and rescue efforts are now underway for the helicopter & crew of 8.

Re: Tomnod - Analyse von Satellitenbilder

Verfasst: 05.06.2015 19:46
von Merowig
Neues Projekt bei Tomnod ... tion_2015/
Mapping Swaziland

Tomnod has teamed up with the University of California, San Francisco Malaria Elimination Initiative to help locate villages across Swaziland. Help locate populations by determining whether the pink polygon on your screen contains buildings or no buildings. You can use the surrounding image as context, but only vote based on what is inside the pink polygon.

"The information Tomnod provides will help us plan and implement malaria elimination activities such as insecticide spraying, mosquito net distribution and case finding." -Hugh Sturrock, PhD, Global Health Group