What are the RNA WU ???

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What are the RNA WU ???

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von marsinph » 23.07.2019 21:30

Hello, after about FIVE years on seven host, always on, i could take one RNA WU
Nice. fter 8 hours : 0.1% on a i7-2600K ( host http://www.rnaworld.de/rnaworld/show_ho ... stid=67537 )
But, it it need VB (no problem).
Estimated running time three months !
You think i will monopolyze one computer during 3 months for a WU who the most of time stops in "error while omputing" ???
http://www.rnaworld.de/rnaworld/workuni ... id=6330886
This WU is developped 6 years ago
Be serious !
It is the is same on Yoyo, Yafu, of course same admin !!!
I really do not know the goal of such way of do. But Admin, instead to stay in yourivory tower, conider the persons who crunch.
Yoyo everyone complains on monstruous WU. Answer from admin, nothing
Yafu, more or less" normal WU" but NEVER considering BOINC setting about CPU use.

My conclusion :
All WU coming from the same source are only with problems and admin do NOTHING and worst refuse to consider the millions of people, crunchers.
I do not think it is the best way to help science !

Best regards


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Re: What are the RNA WU ???

#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von gemini8 » 23.07.2019 23:10

You had one of the monsters.
I'd really like to have one or more as well, knowing that this means you'll really have to baby-sit them.
Some people are even hunting them down.

The tasks of which you got one weren't designed for desktop computers, but for High-Performance-Clusters.
Thus they can't be split, are lacking checkpoints, but need quite a lot of time.
Your estimate may be far away from the time it really needs.
Some tasks run for years.
The issue about missing checkpoints is dealed with by saving snapshots of the vm.

The RNA-World web page states in the blue box:
The runtime of the cmsearch VM apps are very long (>1000 hours) and deadlines are automatically extended but only visible on the website!
If you don't want to get work for the VM application please disable "cmsearch VM" in your project preferences.
Sorry, but as you can elaborate on your problems in written form, I think you should have been able to read this.
My educated guess from all the aborts and time-outs is: People didn't care to read this. In my opinion they don't have the right to complain then!
Gruß, Jens
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Re: What are the RNA WU ???

#3 Ungelesener Beitrag von Michael H.W. Weber » 25.07.2019 12:25

Since many years the types of tasks can be selected easily according to the capabilities of the participant's computers and their owner's generosity. :P
RNA World is in a transition stage and currently tries to complete the final remaining batch of (rather old) tasks and will give out new work only after these remaining WUs have been completed: We need to change a set of things, build a results database and a lot of other things.

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