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Re: New Unit. Strange (maybe?) behavior.

Verfasst: 30.07.2016 17:46
von Gibson Praise
Brief update: still running :D , 160 days of CPU time (I suspend work during primegrid challenges).

Big news, it just survived the W10 upgrade which surprised the heck out of me (and a BOINC upgrade, but no VM upgrade was performed). So much for keeping the system stable :bugeye: !

So, I'll keep ignoring this wu and watching wingmen crash & burn. :crying:


Re: New Unit. Strange (maybe?) behavior.

Verfasst: 31.07.2016 18:13
von Gibson Praise
Well .. "Postponed: VM Hypervisor failed to enter an online state in a timely fashion". :worry: Right. Don't upgrade BOINC while running RNA. :attention:

What bites me is that it did work initially, but windows rebooted last night and .. :drinking:

off to try last ditch rollback of BOINC ..

Edit: It's running again, under it's old BOINC version of 7.6.9. Let's see if this lasts :good:

Re: New Unit. Strange (maybe?) behavior.

Verfasst: 06.08.2016 02:10
von Jacob Klein
If you'd like help upgrading BOINC without trashing your RNA World tasks, I can help, over something "immediate" like Skype or Teamspeak or phonecall.

It's ... tricky to some extent. I usually Activity -> Suspend, wait until Task Manager shows CPU isn't being used anymore, exit BOINC, wait until Task Manager doesn't show any more BOINC processes or VBoxWrapper processes or VBoxHeadless processes, kill VBoxSVC.exe, upgrade BOINC, start BOINC, Activity -> Resume, cross fingers.

Remember .... preserve those RNA tasks at all costs. Be extremely gentle with them.
Glad you were able to recover, I think!

Re: New Unit. Strange (maybe?) behavior.

Verfasst: 15.09.2016 20:56
von Gibson Praise
Success! Complete and waiting validation .. :roll2:

.. after 4659 CPU hours , several panic attacks, patience and more patience, plus an unreasonable amount of luck! :smoking:

Re: New Unit. Strange (maybe?) behavior.

Verfasst: 15.09.2016 21:46
von Jacob Klein
!! NICE !!
Seriously, congratulations :)
Now's your chance to upgrade VirtualBox to 5.0.26, before you take on even bigger RNA World work!