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Beschreibung + ToDo

Verfasst: 16.07.2007 10:11
von yoyo
ich hab hier mal etwas zum aktuellen Stand und den nächsten Schritten zusammengeschrieben: ... oyo%40home


Verfasst: 26.07.2007 04:01
von vaughan
Hello yoyo,

Are there any updates to the project? Any new work units to crunch?

Verfasst: 26.07.2007 06:11
von yoyo
currently I plan no further tests with upperCASE. Therefore no new [[WU]]s for upperCASE are created. But may by I need something to test in future than I will create new work.
The next step would be to include the legacy application. Schedule for this is open. You will see it in the news section. I'm working on it in my spare time.