Progress count for Harmonious Trees

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Progress count for Harmonious Trees

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von Ananas » 22.10.2011 23:38

Just an idea that might help keep people from aborting results

You know where the last possible point for 100% is, it's somewhere near 3 days

That means, the "wordst-case 100%" value is the one that tells the result to stop no matter what the workunit progress says.

That means, that the actual progress of the current run (not of the workunit!) must be something like
max(workunit progress, CPU hours * 1.388)

It's not really CPU hours, it's your "premature finish" criterium - but you sure get the idea
vi BOINC/checkin_notes

Erzaehlen sich Biologen eigentlich Klein-RNA-Witze?


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