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Michael H.W. Weber
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Nano@Home News

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von Michael H.W. Weber » 18.05.2003 20:25

Ich habe mich bereits vor einiger Zeit bei Nano@Home registriert und kenne auch Robert Bradbury - den Initiator des Projekts - aus dem FAH-Forum. Nun erhielt ich Freitag folgende Information:

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If you are receiving this message, please be advised that it is
not "SPAM", but deals with the topic of the "Nano @ Home" project
that some (most) of you? may have direct or indirect interests in.

For those of you who do not recall this topic, the Nano @ Home
project is discussed at:

The paper is somewhat dated at this time but the underlying
concepts seem to still be valid.

(This email is going out to those individuals with whom I have
had discussions regarding Nano@Home over the last several years).

Andrea Fois has recently decided to work on/manage this project
in a more active fashion than I am able to do.  We are really
dealing with a world wide effort since it appears Andrea is in
Italy, while she manages a server that may be in England, while
the domain management aspects are based only slightly east of
Seattle.  (For anyone who isn't aware of this but I'm always
somewhat stunned by the fact that the Internet rocks!)

This note is primarily to inform you that there is now a
Nano@Home discussion forum at:

As nanodot & Wired are documenting, 2003 may be point where nanotech
"Gets Down to Business":

Wouldn't it be nice if by 2005 there were a million machines
creating designs via Nano@Home?

Just a thought,
Robert Bradbury
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#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von Monarcho » 18.05.2003 20:35

Wäre ja nicht schlecht wenn die endlich mal in die Gänge kommen würden.

Jetzt müsste nur noch gRobots mal ein Lebenszeichen von sich geben. Ob wohl Dave Sag sich einen neuen Computer gekauft hat? :wink:

Der Diplomat
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Re: Nano@Home News

#3 Ungelesener Beitrag von Der Diplomat » 12.02.2011 10:11

Also das Projekt steht jetzt seit 2000 im Wiki auf angekündigt.
Weiß hier jemand etwas Neues?


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