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Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 16.01.2014 09:06
von X1900AIW
Revised plans for BigAdv (BA) experiment, Blogeintrag vom 15.01.2014.

Ganz offiziell das Ende von Big Advice zum 31.01.2015, also in einem Jahr. Es bleibt bei 24 CPU Kernen als Mindestvoraussetzung, gültig ab 01.05.2014, jedoch mit angepassten (kürzeren) dead lines, was wiederum zum Ausschluß mancher Systeme führen könnte.
  • "(...) 1) The posted change in BA requirements will be revised. The only change in requirements going forward will be to require 24 cores (with according changes in deadlines) and that will occur on May 1, 2014. Why change the minimum core count? In general, FAH works best when we have fewer longer trajectories rather than more slower trajectories, which is why we need to change the BA requirements periodically. Given the amount of BA work we would like to do, the cutoff has to be raised above the current level. While, 32 cores would be ideal but we can still get work done at 24 and, in recognition of donor needs, we will set the level there.

    2) The BA experiment will permanently end on January 31, 2015. On that date, the servers will be set to accept only and we will have no plans for future BA WUs. This would allow donors to continue to use their machines and recoup more of their investment than the previous plan. This decision would also work to avoid future issues and strife within the FAH community associated with BA. We understand that many donors will be very disappointed about this decision. This was a judgement call I had to make and this decision is, in my opinion, the right thing to do for the long term good of FAH, even though I know there will be many upset donors right now. (...)

    Going forward, the next steps will include a discussion of the change of the QRB formula and possibly an update of the benchmark machine. Our plan is to seek more input from donors for both changes. While a distributed computing project cannot be run effectively through polls, I think there is a lot of room for us to improve in terms of connecting to donors and incorporating their concerns. I?m very excited about the future of FAH. I think my team has learned a lot with BA and hopefully we can take that going forward to make FAH even better. (..)"

Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 07.03.2014 18:48
von X1900AIW
Schon ein paar Tage alt: Adding a completely new way to fold, directly in the browser, vom 24.02.2014
  • "(...) Requirements.
    In order to use the Folding App, you need to cover these three basic requirements:
    1) Use the Chrome Browser (Details) in Windows, Linux, or MacOS-X
    2) Install the Folding App from the Chrome Web Store (Details)
    3) Launch the Folding App and you are now folding!

    Please note that there are some additional options which you can use to enhance your Folding experience:
    1) You may configure the Folding App with a username (Details), Team number (Details) and a passkey (Details) though none of these are required. Please note that passkey is needed if you want to earn additional points for successfully finishing the Work Unit (WU) quickly.
    2) If you don?t want to install the Folding App, you can always use the direct link in any Chrome Browser installed on Windows, Linux and OSX (Details).

    Open source.
    This is the first F@H Client that is fully open sourced. The F@H Native Client (NaCl) uses a new Assignment Server (AS) and a new version of the Work Server (WS) which exposes a JSON interface with additional security for third party developers. The folding is done on a Gromacs (version 4.6.5) based FahCore which is closed-source for security reasons. Third party developers are encouraged to participate in the development (Details) and users can also keep track of open issues (Details). Developers can view the log file generated from NaCl by choosing the console view from the DevTools Window. (...)"
Es wurde eine neue Foren Rubrik eingeführt: NaCl client (Chrome); open beta

Falls ich es richtig verstanden habe, ist zwingend eine x86 CPU erforderlich, die Workunits sind kleiner, laufen kürzer und man bekommt somit weniger Punkte.

Immerhin eine Premiere, wenn natürlich noch mit Beta Status. :D

Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 14.10.2017 08:22
von X1900AIW
Überspringe mal drei Jahre und schreibe im alten Faden weiter.

Folding@Home releases Android client to Open Source, vom 09.10.2017 auf der Sony Webseite
  • "The Folding@Home project, brainchild of Pande Lab and Stanford University, has a long-time partnership with Sony since the launch of its PS3 client back in 2007. Today we are proud to announce that the Folding@Home Android client along with its web server component have been released to Open Source here, in GitHub’s repo. (...)
  • Most of Folding@Home’s engine has already been open sourced by Stanford University and it is now time for the Android client to join the family and have its source code published."
Android Quellen und App Download von Sony (ab Android 4.4, Version vom 22.03.2017) ... ng-android ... ting&hl=ge


Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 21.05.2018 10:00
von X1900AIW
Joseph Coffland im folding forum am 10.05.2018: FAHClient V7.5.0 (Open-Beta)
  • "Change Logs:
    - Fixed client memory leak.
    - Some spelling fixes.

    - Fixed inconsistent highlighting.
    - Fixed ``python install`` wo/ ``version.txt``.
    - Highlight Matching WU When Slot Is Selected. fah-issues/#1127"
Download link: Windows <> macOS <> Debian/Mint/Ubuntu <> Redhat / Centos / Fedora

Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 01.11.2018 16:11
von Greles
Ich möchte sagen, überraschte mich ein wenig.

Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 04.02.2019 11:35
von Greles
Die Version ist sehr stabil und durchaus eine Installation wert ;)

GPU CORE22 (OpenMM 7.2, Win/Lin, OpenCL) going to ADVANCED

Verfasst: 15.03.2019 19:47
von heikosch
The new GPU Core 22 is here! This is based on OpenMM 7.2 - we're starting with the OpenCL version first, with CUDA joining in one of the next few versions. Stability is as good as Core 21 in beta testing - there were reports of AMD GPU underutilization that we would like to hear more about if you notice it.

The deadline and credit were adjusted to increase the PPDs by the performance speedup / increase in science produced (speedup is ~20% on 1080/1080Ti benchmark machine). Please watch out for temperature and wattage increases, and consider reducing OC.
Der neue Code scheint die Hardware tatsächlich besser/stärker auszulasten.
Die Leistungsaufnahme bei meinen beiden Grakas ist gleich um 100W nach oben gegangen.


Re: FAH-News

Verfasst: 20.04.2020 20:39
von Bommer

es gibt einen neuen Folding@home Client: Update 7.6.9 bringt Covid-19-Filter und Protein-Viewer

Download ist hier möglich: [url] ... .9_x86.exe

Gruss Bommer