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Unhackable arduino based text encryption

Verfasst: 04.03.2023 18:10
von Rayjunx
A friend I and I developed a system to avoid all corruptible devices like PC´s, smartphones. We using little Arduinos, offline, with no internet, or other connectivity, without a server or blockchain. But they can communicate via encrypted strings of text, which can be transferred like prepaid codes for cellphones. It sounds simple, and the codes are just short messages, but they are so hard encrypted that nobody should be able to read it.

Just today I integrated a text compression method which shortens the messages around 50% percent and more, depending on the kind of used words.

Nowadays, close anything is no more safe or at least cannot be 100% trusted, so we want to give this device a change.
Would you like to know more about it? Or even want to try hacking it?

We can even start a challenge to hack it or decrypt some messages of it ;-)
We love feedback, and you can really participate in checking and improving the device, or try proving us wrong.

Best wishes,