Neuigkeiten über die Vorbereitungen zum Weltrekordversuch

ChessBrain, Chess960@home und andere Schachprojekte
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Neuigkeiten über die Vorbereitungen zum Weltrekordversuch

#1 Ungelesener Beitrag von Hermes » 26.01.2004 23:24


Hier die neuesten Ankündigungen von Carlos aus dem Chessbrain Forum:
We're starting on our trip to Denmark later today. Please read the important items below: ;-)

Network will be idle for a few days

The ChessBrain network will be idle on Monday January 26th and Tuesday January 27th as we make our way to Denmark. The SuperNode server will not be moved, and PeerNode clients will connect to the server normally… however; there won’t be any games in progress until Wednesday. So your PeerNode won't have anything to process. Please don't stop the client. It will automatically resume when there is work to process! The equipment we’re moving is essentially our development and test machines - eight computers in total.

We’ll perform a series of tests starting Wednesday in preparation for the World Record attempt on Friday. We’re hoping to post pictures and video on the site during and after the event before we make our way back to the US.

New clients are available

Please upgrade to the latest clients at:

New “preliminary” stats are up and running!

Our new “preliminary” stage three stats are up and running! I’m hoping to enhance the stats during the next few days.

magnav0x, expects to have his stats engine working in the next few days. Look for stats on

Help spread the word!

Because our attempt is based on the total number of actual machines, it is vital that you spread the word and get as many people to use as many computers as possible!

Thanks to all of our members for making this possible!

- CJ
Also nicht ärgern, wenn der Client bis Mittwoch nichts mehr rechnet.


Michael H.W. Weber
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#2 Ungelesener Beitrag von Michael H.W. Weber » 27.01.2004 10:41

Hätte schon gerne noch geprüft, was meine beiden Clients GESTERN gerechnet haben. Jedoch sind heute anscheinend auch die Statistiken nicht aktualisiert worden.

Fördern, kooperieren und konstruieren statt fordern, konkurrieren und konsumieren. I: Kaputte Seite A II: Kaputte Seite B

Bild Bild Bild

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#3 Ungelesener Beitrag von SpeedKing » 28.01.2004 21:12

Übrigens: Unter hat magnav0x seine Phase 3-Statistiken bereitgestellt. Da gibts auch wieder eine teaminterne Rangliste für jedes Team.


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