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ChessBrain, Chess960@home und andere Schachprojekte

News vom 30. Nov. 03

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Carlos J. hat geschrieben:Well… it’s finally official! Our world record attempt will take place during a live exhibition game against Chess Grandmaster Peter Nielsen on Friday January 30th 2004 at the 6th annual NordU USENIX 2004 conference in Copenhagen.

Last year NordU conference Programme Chairman, Kenneth Geisshirt invited ChessBrain to attend the 5th annual NordU conference. Sadly, we had to turn down the offer because ChessBrain simply wasn’t prepared for a live exhibition.

This year Kenneth reiterated his invitation and we’ve accepted! Soon after receiving a written letter from the NordU organizers, ChessBrain organizer, Peter Wilson attended a meeting at the World Record office in London with David Hawksett of the Science and Technology division. The World Records Office recognizes our attempt and we now understand the parameters of our attempt. We’ll proceed to meet the stated requirements in preparation for the live attempt in Copenhagen.

Personally, I’m delighted that the event will take place in Europe. I’ve stated for years now that ChessBrain is an international project, and I’ve always been grateful for the support that the project has received abroad.

Visit to learn more about the conference. I have the pleasure of presenting a talk entitled, “Harnessing distributed computing power” under the Cluster program track.

We have a number of important decisions to consider. Because ChessBrain is a non-profit project we actually have to raise the funds to attend the conference. We're currently speaking to potential sponsors, however, if you know of a business which might be interested in being a corporate sponsor please encourage them to send an email to

One of the requirements (from the Guinness World Record office) is that we put together a team that will validate our attempt. If you know of an individual who is a chairman of a university computer science program, member of ACM etc... Please encourage him/her to contact us at I’d like to see organized groups in several universities participate during the live event. We’re looking at ways to connect each remote validation team in a live real-time display during the event!

We need to consider what to do with the current stats. Should we roll them over to the world record attempt, or should we end the current stats (call them stage two stats) and start fresh with stage three stats during the event. The issue is worth debating. My goal is to create a new and potentially separate database, which list all of the people who contributed to the actual world record attempt during the day it takes place, January 30th 2003 at 5PM (GMT+1). Naturally, DC teams have a strong vested interest here… so I hope to see feedback on the TEAMS and STATS forums:

A representative from the top 5 teams will each receive a framed certificate or lamented plaque. In addition, each member (both team and non team members) will receive a certificate thanking you for contributing to an official world record!

Another critically important issue is that everyone who wishes to be counted must download our new software client… the problem at the moment is that it isn’t ready for release at this time. However, our experimental software forum continues to host the very latest core versions. Please test the latest clients on as many machines as you can! A stable client is our only real chance at pulling off a world record. We’ve come too far… let’s make sure we do the best we can!

The new 21201 clients are currently posted for all supported platforms. This is a major upgrade over the April 2002 releases.

Finally, I want to thank all of our past and present contributors. You are the reason we have this opportunity! Congratulations

- CJ
Aus dem Chessbrain-Forum - wegen des Weltrekordversuchs.


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