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Neuigkeiten von Prime95 !

Verfasst: 05.08.2020 18:26
von Bommer

dies hab ich heute auf den Seiten gelesen. Deswegen würde ich den Primzahlsuchern vorschlagen keine Double-Checks mehr zu berechnen.

Gruss Bommer

BIG Changes Coming!
For almost 25 years, GIMPS has looked for new Mersenne primes by running a primality test on one computer and later running the exact same primality test on another computer to guard against hardware errors having corrupted the first primality test.

A breakthrough by Krzysztof Pietrzak makes it possible to eliminate the second primality test! The first primality test produces a proof file that can be securely verified with less than 0.5% of the work required to re-run the primality test. Implementing this breakthrough will nearly double GIMPS' throughput in the long run.

The first cut at implementing proofs is already done. Check back here often to see when the final version is ready for downloading. Alternatively, you can follow progress here.

Many thanks to Mihai Preda for discovering the paper on the breakthrough and realizing its importance to the GIMPS project. Also, thanks go to Pavel Atnashev for important ideas on adapting the discovery for use by GIMPS.

Re: Neuigkeiten von Prime95 !

Verfasst: 15.09.2020 11:06
von Bommer

bei Prime95 gibts einen neuen Client. Version 30.3 Build 6

Die News sind:
1) PRP proofs. This allows GIMPS to double-check a PRP test at less than 1% of the cost of a full PRP test!
PRP proofs require lots of temporary disk space. See readme.txt for details.
PRP proofs require uploading a large proof file. See readme.txt for details.
PRP proof verifications require downloading a modest verification file. See readme.txt for details.
2) Proofs automatically uploaded to server in v30.2.
3) First time LL, World-record LL, 100M-digit LL work preference is deprecated.
4) New resource limits menu choice and dialog box. Consult readme.txt before making changes to these settings.
Some options previously in Test/Worker Windows and Options/CPU are moved to the resources dialog box.
5) LL-DC and PRP-DC combined into a single work preference.
6) Warning raised if temporary disk space is less than 1.5GB -- you may not get first time prime tests.
7) Thanks to Mihai Preda, the P-1 probability calculator has been improved. This change results in a
lower optimal B1 value and higher optimal B2 value.