Qarnot Greener Cloud Rechnen+Heizen im sozialen Wohnungsbau

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Qarnot Greener Cloud Rechnen+Heizen im sozialen Wohnungsbau

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Blog vom 08.09.2017: 1500 AMD Ryzen PRO will heat homes and offices next year in Bordeaux, France

Quelle für Zitate s.o., Hervorhebungen von mir.
  • "As an innovative decentralized cloud services provider, the quality of our processors is paramount to offer maximum performance to our clients. Qarnot’s cloud is based on a disruptive infrastructure: the Q.rad, a heater embedding three CPUs as a heat source. We reuse the heat they generate to heat homes and offices for free. (...)
  • We mainly target two industries with massive computing power needs: movie studios for 3D rendering and VFX, and banks for risk analysis. (...)
    Security is crucial for us. On the one hand, the environment where our Q.rads are installed is by definition physically unsecured as it can be anyone’s house. As a consequence, we have to deliver state of the art hardware and software security to protect customer data. On the other hand, our hardware is connected and located in people’s living rooms so we care about security and privacy like any IoT or smart home manufacturer. Ryzen PRO’s Transparent Secure Memory Encryption feature that enables OS independent memory encryption is therefore very interesting to provide additional security layers to our solution."
Links bzw. youtube: (=Quelle für Grafik unten)
Introducing the third generation of the Q.rad computing heater - CES 2017 ( vom 12.01.2017 > Design und Funktionsweise erklärt
Qarnot computing - Grand Soir 3 (02/2017) ( vom 17.02.2017 > praktisch im Einsatz erklärt
AMD Ryzen™ PRO: Helping Distribute A Greener Cloud In Smarter Buildings at Qarnot ( vom 31.08.2017 > AMD Technik dahinter

Qarnot nennt das Konzept "Free heating": "The Q.rad produces heat by computation, the electricity consumption is measured by an embedded counter and related expenses are automatically refunded to the host."


Das Fazit des Anbieters: 0$ heating bill, 100% reused energy, 500 W highend soft heat, 0db totally silent. Mit einer App steuerbar, WiFi Roaming, home security ... Werbespruch: Bring intelligence into buildings. :smoking:

Interessanter Ansatz, zahlungswillige Nachfrager vorausgesetzt, wahrscheinlich setzen die ihre Kosten noch als soziale Spende ab. :angel2:

Win-Win Situation?
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Re: Qarnot Greener Cloud Rechnen+Heizen im sozialen Wohnungs

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Bieten die die Teile wirklich kostenlos an?
Oder darf der Nutzer die Stromkosten tragen?
shit happens, everyday


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